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Purpose Public Affairs strengthens your campaign and supports your candidacy.

  • Public Relations: CLICK HERE to review our PR services
  • Social Media & Web Assistance: CLICK HERE to review our brand services
  • Platform Refinement:  PPA will connect you with other change-makers in the community and provide resources to aid you in your policy research. We will help you identify your key messages and empower you to deliver and argue them articulately.
  • Speech Writing: Always a tricky but necessary part of campaigning, speech writing and public speaking can be intimidating. We will help you craft speeches as well as web and social media copy to bring your delivery to the next level.
  • Crisis Management: Things happen. Having a crisis management plan in place before a crisis strikes means your staff/volunteers know what the protocol is and prevents further PR damage.
  • Event & Fundraising Consulting: While we will not coordinate your events, we will empower you with the tools you will need to execute a successful event or campaign. We can advise you on things like helpful applications, town/city permits, logistics, and (of course) promotion.

*All writing, design, and content work will be submitted for client approval prior to any distribution.

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