About Us

Who We Are

    Elaina Bedio: Principal Consultant
    Elaina’s experience exemplifies her long-held passion for politics. After earning her bachelor’s degree in International Politics from Penn State University, she pursued and earned her masters in Politics from Brandeis University. In the years since, Elaina has taught social studies at the high school level as well as a State and Local Government course at Nashua Community College. She has served on state-level campaigns in New Hampshire, served on her town’s Ways & Means committee, and regularly attends civic meetings and events in the Greater Nashua Area.

    Prior to starting Purpose Public Affairs, Elaina was the communications director for the Humane Society for Greater Nashua. The structure of this firm is the fortuitious result of Elaina’s experience in politics and nonprofit public relations. She is eager to help other nonprofits affordably reach their PR goals.

      Jasper Bedio: Chief Morale Officer
      Jasper brings unmatched enthusiasm to his role as CMO. The office gets quiet and he will put forth deliberate effort to ensure breaks are taken for outdoor walks and team-building games such as fetch and “try to catch me and obtain this object I am not supposed to have.” Jasper will often take on additional responsibities. These include security and visitor vetting, though these are not in his job description and are rarely necessary.

      What We Do

      Purpose Public Affairs is a woman-owned PR firm that provides public relations and communications services to nonprofits and public campaigns in the Greater Nashua area and beyond. We have designed our services to be affordable for these clients who are often operating under tight budgetary constraints.

      As the communications director for a local nonprofit for two years, our company’s founder was made quite aware of these constraints and how they impact PR operations. Many small nonprofits in the area (and everywhere really) have a development team of one or two people who are tasked with marketing, donor engagement, sponsorships, events, volunteer management and any number of responsibilities related to fundraising. Without the benefit of a dedicated communications manager, many suffer from poor social media following, bare-bones websites, lack of consistent branding, and  they struggle to get their message and their needs communicated effectively to those in a position to give. PPA is proud to offer affordable PR services to our local nonprofits.

      Public Policy:
      PPA also supports those who are looking to make a positive impact in their community by running for office. Again, those pursuing smaller, more local positions often do not have a big budget for PR. We like to do our part in reducing the barrier to entry for people from all walks of life and do our best to encourage people from every community to participate in the civic processes that influence all of our lives.

      We love to ask our clients, “What’s your why?” Now you know ours!

      How We Do It

      The Process:
      If you are interested in learning more or utilizing our services, simply reach out! We welcome any and all questions which can be sent directly to info@purposepublicaffairs.com. If you already have a good idea of what you are looking for, kindly complete a Service Request Form and we will respond within two business days (excluding holidays and closures).

      • Your initial consult and estimate are free.
      • All writing, design, and content work will be submitted for client approval prior to any distribution or collection of payment.

      Pricing Structure:
      As mentioned above, our services and costs are designed to be affordable to accomodate fundraising-based budgets. To this end, services can be selected in an “à la carte” fashion. Alternatively, we can also work at an hourly or even monthly rate (for ongoing social media and website work, for example), or on retainer. This flexibility allows us to find a structure that works for you and the resources available to you.

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